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Walking down the aisle took on a whole new twist for one Dunedin couple over the weekend.

Christian Kasper surprised his fiancé Jennifer Kasper with a flashmob wedding in a central city supermarket.

The groom had a cast of hundreds on standby in the supermarket waiting for the right answer.

“Walking down an aisle, that’s every girl’s dream, so we had like 13 aisles to choose from,” says Mr Kasper.

Actor Pua Magasiva began the supermarket surprise by handing out cheese samples.

A troupe from Otago Dancers then led a basket-waving routine beside the fruit and vegetables, as a brass band played on.

Artist Dick Frizzell was on hand with wine as Mr Kasper revealed his plan to his fiancé.

He proposed to Ms Kasper in March this year, but the couple hadn’t set a date.

After a quick change and some pampering, she was ready to be led down the supermarket aisles by another celebrity guest, musician Tiki Taane.

“Christian’s very creative, and to use his creativity [for] our big day [is great], I never expected something like this,” says Ms Kasper.

Her husband was apprehensive about how her traditional Taiwanese family would react to the unusual plan. But they were impressed by the big day.

The pair says they are too busy right now for a honeymoon, and both admit the wedding will be hard to top.

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